History Links

Understanding Slavery
What do you think about the Transatlantic Slave Trade? Use the database of objects to look at the historical evidence. Create your own exhibition and have your say.

Atomic Archive
Explores the complex history surrounding the invention of the atomic bomb - a crucial turning point for all mankind.

Powys: A Day in the Life
This innovative digital history project explores life in Powys in 1891, and compares this with the present day. Also available in Welsh.

A Vision Of Britain Through Time
Take a look at British life between 1801 and 2001 through maps, searchable records and historical descriptions.

British Newspaper Archive
Online archive from the British Library which can be searched by title and date to display that day's front page. Select articles on the newspaper to display a larger version which can then be read in detail.

Domesday Book
The Domesday Book is one of our earliest surviving public records. Search and download images of the pages and learn how and why it was created.

World History
Information and resources from OpenLearn.

Swansea Heritage
Explore Swansea's cultural heritage using materials from the Swansea Museum Service. Includes access to collections which are not on display.

The Workhouse
The workhouse often evokes the squalid world of Oliver Twist, but its story is a fascinating mix of social history, politics, economics and architecture.

Child Labour Activity
For or Against? Prepare for a Parliamentary debate on the subject of Child Labour.

School History
Innovative and exciting ideas for the use of ICT in secondary school history.

War Times Journal
Massive military history site featuring collections of military despatches, memoirs and photographs and includes articles and commentary on battles, people, technology and tactics.

The Battle of Hastings
The Battle of Hastings, fought on 14th October 1066, was an event so significant that it completely changed the course of English history. Includes the build-up and aftermath of the battle and Norman rule after 1066.

Biographies of British Monarchs from Britannia.

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