Salesforce Security Best Practices to Ensure Data Security

Marc Benioff developed the most amazing CRM of the time which streamlines and helps industries keep the customer’s data and serve them with the best offerings. Salesforce works on cloud computing and thus stores a wealth of customer data. Such broad data needs security and thus the company has deployed a multi-layered approach to data protection. 

Some of the best practices to ensure data security

Run Security Health 

Salesforce provides a free health check-up tool to manage the security of the org’s settings. It helps the admin to identify the vulnerability in the setting so that they can fix it. 

2FA is Important

This is a crucial aspect and becomes a necessity to protect data. The multi-layer factor authentication adds an extra layer to control phishing attacks, and account takeovers by hackers. Through this, you can protect the security of salesforce data. Salesforce always asks to do it and share a confidential code with the admin while logged in by other parties. 

Grant Access Wisely

Permission sets are an effective tool for managing access and boosting security inside your organization. To begin the evaluation process, list the duties, responsibilities, and procedures essential to your users and properly define their permission sets. Next, use permission sets to restore high-risk permissions to users after removing them from their profiles.

Shield Sensitive Information

Data encryption is important as it converts information into an unreadable format. With this, hackers and attackers face issues and challenges to decipher the data and information. This is possible with the help of Shield Platform Encryption by Salesforce. The encryption field contains sensitive user data like SSN or card details. 

Set login ranges and trusted IPs

IP address-based access control aids in shielding data from phishing and illegal access. Admins can specify a range of allowed IP addresses by setting login IP ranges, which guarantees that unidentified or untrusted IP addresses are rejected or asked to prove their identity. 

Deploy a Secure Connection

Using a virtual private network (VPN) regularly can help increase the security of your internet connection. Furthermore, you can prevent foreign devices from using your network by updating firmware and turning on encryption (use WPA2 or WPA3) through the administrator console of your router.

Salesforce Authenticator 

With Salesforce Authenticator, you can overcome the mobility security challenges and achieve enhanced Salesforce deployment without compromising mobile user experience with an intelligent, straightforward two-factor authentication solution. Employees can approve logins and other actions—including automatic verification from trusted locations—with a single tap on their mobile device. 


So, with the help of Salesforce security best practices, you can ensure data security. Data Security has become a major concern for companies around the world. But say thanks to Salesforce, it provides various ways to protect the data. 

Like with Salesforce authenticator, users can draw a two-factor authentication which works like a multi-layer approach so that no one can enter your org without admin permission. The permission set rule allows only relevant users to check and intervene in the data. Also, it brings different permission sets for admin, architect developer, and consultant. 

So, deploy these practices and protect your data at every cost. 

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