How to Recycle Your Old Ipad?

If you are thinking to opt for a new iPad and planning to throw away your old one then stop for a second, because you’ll become overwhelmed by listening to the fact that some companies have started the recycling programs such as Mac and apple. Plunc, a convenient online iPad recycling site is another great option, giving you cash for your old iPad. So, now you don’t need to throw away your old iPad or let it sit in your cupboard and collect the dust. Instead, you can apply in these Ipad recycling programs. Because you may be bored with your gadget, but it still can serve more to others.

Do you know that your smart devices can be recycled!!!  In this advanced era of technology, there needs to be a solution to any of our problem. so first let discuss about Ipad recycling.

   What is device recycling?

Recycling is essential if you want to save your environment. Same goes with the device recycling. Ipad recycling means to reuse the materials by which it is made. iPad contain some precious materials that can be recycled and used for the manufacture of another device. Otherwise, every time it will require mining the metals. It provides the lead in its coating, and zinc, tantalum, copper, gold, etc. which can be recycled and used. It will save energy and resources. Therefore, it is important to recycle your phone.

So let us see what the steps to recycle an Ipad are-

  •  Backup your device.
  1. Plug your charging cable into the iPad. Now on the home page, go to settings and connect the wifi. If your iPad is connected with the wifi, then it will show a blue tick along with the name of the wifi network. If it doesn’t connect, then enter the password and connect again.

Still, if you are having trouble in connecting the device with the wifi then restart your device and try connecting with the network again.

  1. In the settings, look for the option of “this iPad “in the cloud banner. And click the option “backup now. “ Before closing the app, wait until a message pop up telling you about the completion of the backup.

As it will store your data, in case if gets erased from the iPad.

  1. Go in the settings app again and tap the “general” option in that. Scroll the page down, and in the very last, you’ll see an option of reset. Click it and then tap on the “erase all content “and then confirm it by taping “ok”. Once the process is done, your iPad will return to the by default settings.
  • What to do after it for Ipad recycling?
  1. Search for the official site of apple trade-in.
  2. Here, it says that the apple will replace your device with the one you want. For that, you’ll need to sign up on the apple’s recycling website. After sign up, select the device if it is eligible for refurbishing than they will send you a gift voucher, but the amount of the card will depend upon the value of your device.

But if it can’t be restored than they will not send you any gift card but will surely recycle your device without charging you anything.


  1. Now as I mentioned that after the sign up you’d need to enter few details regarding your device. For that visit, the home pages of the website then follow the given steps:-

Tap on the icon of tablet     enter the serial no. of your device (if you don’t know then check the backside of your device you’ll find its serial number).

Note: – the serial number of your gadget will help them to sell your iPad.

  1. Once your device gets identified, after that they’ll ask several questions about the iPad to confirm that in what state it is. You’ll need to mention about the present condition of your device, whether the screen is broken or In good condition. Keep the fact in mind that if your device is damaged, then you’ll not receive any gift card.
  2. After all the process is completed; the site will ask your personal information such as your full name, contact number, and your address on which you want your box and the prepaid label to be shipped.

Now, they‘ll send you’re a box along with the prepaid shipping label.

  1. Once you received the box, pack your old I pad in that box (make sure its data is completely erased) and seal it securely. Now paste the prepaid label provided to you on that box as per the guidelines are given to you by them. Now ship it from any local post office. From there you’ll get a receipt which will include the number that you can use to track your iPad.
  2. Now, wait at least till the process of Ipad recycling is taking place. After that, they’ll send you the gift card. This whole process will take a minimum of two weeks to be completed, so be patient. Meanwhile this process, you will get an email from the store about the gift card or whether your iPad is approved or not for the trade.
  3. in case you want to exchange your iPad instantly then take appointment form your near apple store and visit there. There your device will be inspected for whether it is eligible for the trade or not. Also, they will calculate its market value according to its present condition. They will recycle your device for free.

By following these steps, you can make your Ipad recycling process done.

  • It is always best to send your iPad to recycle because it is perilous to dump them in the environment. Because the materials it contains, are very hazardous. These can contaminate air, water, and soil. If these materials get deposited in the ground, it‘ll contaminate the soil then through the plants, and ultimately indirectly it will be dangerous to our health. Your one mistake can lead to the death of many animals. Therefore instead of dumping, recycle them.