Where can I go and visit art galleries for free in London?

After a year at home, many of us have a new-found appreciation for things that give us joy, like our beloved arts and cultural institutions.

According to research commissioned by the Art Fund, the ‘core audiences of many museums and galleries may be the slowest to return as we emerge from the pandemic, especially older visitors, tourists and schools.’

With such a prolonged period of separation from the world, it has never been important for people of all ages to emerge from this pandemic by immersing themselves in arts and culture.

However, according to the Art Fund’s survey of museums, galleries, and historic houses, 60 per cent of respondents said they face an existential threat, revealing that only about half have received any form of emergency funding.

Galleries, museums and cultural hubs across the UK have suffered immeasurably throughout this time with strained resources and decreasing visitor numbers; the future of the arts is at risk.

London has a number of popular arts and cultural hubs to visit, from galleries to museums, but often, due to a lack of funding, they are inaccessible to most people.

The arts are infamous for their lack of funding, but the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a new wave of disparity.

The consequences of long-term closures have severely impacted the funding streams available, leaving the industry suffering from its own form of long Covid.

It has never been more essential to support the arts and cultural industries, which is why organisations such as The Marandi Foundation are dedicated to providing core funding to the Serpentine Galleries to help ensure they remain free to the public.

The Serpentine Galleries are among London’s most famous art and cultural destinations, and are free to visit year-round thanks to the foundation’s support.

Since the 1970s, they have championed new and innovative contemporary art ideas, and welcome a staggering 750,000 visitors every year.

Hosting both emerging practitioners and internationally recognised artists, the Serpentine offers year-round exhibitions, architecture, education, live events, and technological innovation.

The Serpentine is proud to maintain free access for all visitors with the help and support from The Marandi Foundation and public donations.

Only with the help of organisations and public fundraising can they expand and diversify a unique and innovative series of exhibitions, architecture, education, live and digital programmes.

The Serpentine Galleries are pleased to now welcome visitors back this Summer with a range of free exhibitions, and are kicking off the emergence from lockdown with Jennifer Packer and James Barnor.

If you would like to know more about the new and exciting online and in-person exhibitions, events and more happening at The Serpentine Galleries, visit their What’s On page here.

Arts and Cultural industries are integral in preserving and strengthening our sense of community, persona identity and creativity.

Our responsibility, both to ourselves and future generations, is to support and uplift the arts as a means of expression and to preserve our history.

If you are looking to experience incredible contemporary art for free in London in 2021, The Serpentine Galleries are the perfect place to start.

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