Multiplayer mixed reality – how to make single-player games available to everyone

In today’s world, technology is developing very quickly. Just a few decades ago, computer games were simple and even primitive. Players could perform basic actions and play simple characters.

Today’s games not only delight users with colorful gameplay but also provide an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay.

Play In Company Or Play Alone?

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality allows players to feel themselves inside the game, fully immersed in exciting worlds without leaving their apartment.

However, such entertainment is not suitable for large companies. After all, virtual or mixed reality headsets are designed for one player only. That is why many developers are trying to implement mixed reality headsets that allow multiple users to enjoy the game at once.
Play in company or play alone?

Virtual immersion gaming first appeared back in the 90s. Then users could fully immerse themselves in the gameplay by using a special headset in This certainly unique experience captivated many players. But the first problems appeared right away.

Many players like to spend time with their friends because playing in the company is always more fun and interesting. But with the technology of mixed reality, such a simple possibility becomes almost inaccessible. This problem is clearly expressed in the game Dactyl Nightmare. The game is designed for one player, there is no access to multiplayer mode. Two players can immerse themselves in the game world from different devices and with different headsets. But simply watching from the sidelines is not possible at all. This problem has not been completely solved even after 30 years.

Multiplayer access to mixed reality

Virtual reality has changed a lot in three decades. Modern technology has led not only to improvements but also to different variations. So in addition to virtual reality, there is now augmented and mixed reality.

Many developers are working on the possibility of immersing multiple users in mixed reality. For example, the social VR system Spaces from Facebook has already introduced the possibility of several players to immerse themselves in a virtual world. For this purpose, several headsets have been used for each user. Another option is to connect multiple users to a single mixed reality. All of these developments allow different players to take part in the same game and perform different actions.

The mixed reality that is available to viewers

Often, users prefer not to participate in the game, but simply enjoy the gameplay. As they say, not all soccer fans play soccer. That is why there are several ways that allow viewers to watch what is happening in a mixed reality game.

Broadcasting what’s happening to the viewer’s screen or headset. This method is already often used by many developers. It allows the viewer to watch the game on any convenient device without taking part in the gameplay.

The second way is to develop a simulation that takes into account the role of the viewer. In this way, the viewer will be able to watch the simulation in the game and even influence the gameplay. Using a phone or other device with a special application installed, it will be possible to see virtual objects that are inaccessible to users with a headset.

Despite the fact that many technological giants, such as Microsoft, are already engaged in the improvement of mixed reality technology, it is still very difficult to fully implement all the ideas. But developers are confident that very soon MR will become convenient and accessible to many players and viewers.

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