National Sticker Day: How Will You Celebrate It

On January 13th, we celebrate how stickers add personality to stationary or convey important information. The day honors all things related to stickers, from making personalized stickers to exchanging them with others. There’s a tale behind every sticker.

Over the years, sticker technology has made significant strides forward. Stunning wall stickers for decoration come in various shapes and sizes, catering to a wide range of audiences. The toys, dinosaurs, and truck stickers are all big hits with the kids. To top it all off, the smiley face or star emoji sticker your child earned is priceless. Stickers that reflect light are a lifesaver on roads and in other unattended areas.

Stickers have quickly become an integral part of our culture, popping up everywhere, from classrooms to offices to airplanes to movie theaters. Stickers are incredibly useful and significantly improve people’s quality of life. Thus, it only seems right to celebrate National Sticker Day.

History and significance of sticker day

European businessmen in the 1880s were early adopters of product labels, using them to advertise their commodities to passing customers. Stickers got their name because gum paste once adhered to the labels. A sticker paste that could dry and be reapplied when moistened was created in the 1900s and was widely used, especially on stamps.

For R Stanton Avery, born on January 13, National Sticker Day is celebrated annually on his birthday, January 13. In 1935, when he was only 29, R. Stanton Avery created the contemporary sticker and sparked the creation of a whole new corporation and industry.

Millionaire entrepreneur Stanton, R. Avery, came up with the idea for the first self-sticking, peel-off labels. Along with developing these minuscule innovations, Avery founded the company now known as Avery Dennison.

These ground-breaking items were developed in a tiny Los Angeles loft measuring only 100 square feet. Their popularity skyrocketed, though; by the time Stanton Avery passed away in 1997, his company was worth millions.

What are some ways we may celebrate national sticker day?

1.    Get your hands on some of your favorite stickers.

Take advantage of today to get your hands on those stickers you’ve been eyeing. Sticker world contains everything from Marvel and DC characters to role models and animation characters. They are both beautiful and valuable, with multiple applications.

2.    Make personalized stickers for your family and friends

If you’re the do-it-yourself kind, plenty of simple sticker designs are available online. Today, spend some quality time with your kids by helping them create artwork for display in their rooms or a project book.

3.    Sign up for a contest where you make stickers.

Experts making custom stickers for you can try their hand in today’s contest. You may have what it takes to become the following great sticker creator.

4.    Stickers are a great way to motivate your kids.

Stickers are a popular reward among kids. A sticker can be their reward for excellent behavior.

5.    Give over some stickers as a present.

Send some smiles the recipient’s way by giving them some cute stickers now!

Discover which stickers they covet and give them to them as a present! Stickers would be a great gift for the kids’ homes in your town.

Show your social media followers how much you adore stickers by sharing your favorite stickers with them.

Next time, you have to publish your sticker albums and tales online. Raise awareness of the value of stickers and invite everyone to take part in celebrating National Sticker Day by donning some and sharing them with others.

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