Tre uchaf Primary School

Developing Speech and Language through Presentations.

Tre Uchaf Primary school is a primary school with nearly 200 children on the school roll. It is situated in the Loughor area of Swansea and aims to create a happy, stimulating atmosphere which positively encourages and supports learning.

The school has two Specialist Teaching Facilities with moderate or general delay learning difficulties. The school aims to use ICT to support the learning within and outside the school in meaningful, appropriate activities. There are currently 9 children within the Key Stage Two STF.

Miss Smith wanted to use a meaningful context to develop the children’s awareness and understanding of persons in their lives that were important to them and their ability to verbalise their reasons as part of the PSE and English curriculums within the school.

Miss Smith wanted them to be able to choose the photos of the people that were important to them and to improve both their levels of confidence and self esteem. It was also hoped that the children would be willing and able to explain their choices to a small audience within the familiar setting of the class room.

Miss Smith gathered pictures which were all ready on the school network shared resource drive of both the staff and children within the unit and other Key Stage Classes into an area which was accessible to the children.

The children were shown how to access this area on their computers within the computer suite as part of their timetabled access. The teacher and LSA’s within the class were able to interact with the children in the computer suite asking the children to choose the people who were important to them using the picture previews within the folders. The children were reminded that they were also going to have to explain why the person was important to them to encourage them to reflect on their decisions and views.

The children chose the photos that they wished to use and then used Microsoft Powerpoint with the assistance of the adults within the setting to make a presentation showing the people within the school who were important to them. Assistance was given where needed to support the language needs of the individual to be able to present their reasons on their slides.

The children presented their completed slide shows to the class within the familiar classroom setting taking it in turns having been reminded about the need for clear speech and basic presentation skills at an appropriate level for the children in the unit. This work was undertaken over the course of just over half a term using both class time to practice the presentations and suite time to create the ICT materials.

There have been several positive benefits from adopting this approach to both the learner and the teacher in the setting. The teacher from her assessment of the children throughout the time that the project was undertaken remarked on how they had grown in confidence with both their ICT and oral communication skills and how their self esteem improvements showed when expressing their own personal opinions about peers and staff members.

Miss Smith made changes to the approach as she went through the course of the project to make sure that the children were focussing not just on themselves as being important but also to appreciate and express why others are important to them too.