eSmart® technology solutions

Optimising Business Processes with eSmart® Technology Solutions

In the fast-paced world of business, having real-time, accurate information is paramount. eSmart® SFDC revolutionises how companies manage work-in-progress (WIP), time and attendance, offering instant access to critical data that enhances decision-making and productivity.

Harness Hands-Free Operation with eSmart® Voice Technology

eSmart® Voice utilises voice-directed technology to deliver a hands-free, eyes-free experience that boosts efficiency and accuracy across operations. By incorporating voice recognition and speech synthesis, employees can perform verification and instruction tasks on-the-go, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and overall productivity.

Streamline Production with eSmart® Automation

Automation is key to eliminating human error and expediting production. The eSmart® Automation system is designed to streamline your manufacturing processes by enhancing packaging conformance, improving throughput, and reducing staffing costs. Integrating with robotics, vision systems, and conveyors, this solution propels production facilities into a new era of efficiency.

Asset Tracking and Optimisation with eSmart® Tracker

For businesses managing diverse assets like trucks, trailers, or food products, eSmart® Tracker is an invaluable tool. It allows for comprehensive tracking, tracing, and management of assets to maximise utilisation and protect investments. This solution is essential for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your logistical operations.

Increase Warehouse Efficiency with eSmart® Warehouse Solution

The eSmart® Warehouse solution is expertly designed to reduce costs and optimise the efficiency of warehouse operations. It offers streamlined processes and complete visibility into stock levels and pick performance, ensuring accurate and reliable inventory management. This leads to reduced wastage and enhanced customer satisfaction, crucial for any distribution centre aiming to thrive.

Enhance Field Operations with eSmart® Out Of Premise

eSmart® Out of Premise caters to field personnel, reducing paperwork, speeding up invoicing, and boosting customer satisfaction through accurate, real-time job progress updates. This customisable solution supports various needs, including electronic proof of delivery, asset management, and field services, facilitating more efficient planning and execution.

Real-Time Business Insights with eSmart® Console

The eSmart® Console offers a real-time window into your business operations, providing instant insights into operational and employee efficiencies. It comes equipped with standard dashboards and reports but can be customised to feature role-specific screens, allowing teams to access and interpret critical business information effectively. Additionally, it includes automatic alarm triggers to alert supervisors when performance metrics deviate from expected standards.

Comprehensive Data Capture Solutions by BEC

BEC’s eSmart® data capture suite enhances productivity and accuracy in business transactions, significantly impacting the bottom line. These modules can function independently or in conjunction to deliver streamlined, smooth operations throughout your company. BEC provides a full range of services from planning to implementation, including hardware, software, and ongoing support, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems and a strong return on investment.

Utilising the advanced eSmart® technology solutions provided by BEC leads to significant improvements in efficiency, precision, and profitability for enterprises. By utilising customised tools that enhance different facets of business operations, ranging from on-site production to field service, organisations can anticipate substantial expansion and a distinct advantage within their respective sectors. Embracing eSmart® solutions will revolutionise your business processes and enable you to attain unprecedented levels of success and customer satisfaction.

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