What is a painting by number

It’s already clear from the name that painting by number is a way to paint great pictures with paint. The existing image is divided in advance into color areas, which are numbered. Such an image is printed on a white canvas, which is subsequently stretched on a stretcher. Included with the picture you also buy a corresponding set of paints in containers, which are numbered according to the color areas. Painting by number allows you to draw a complete painting even for a person who has never seriously engaged in drawing. It might be a little difficult at first, but when you get used to it the process of drawing will turn into a real meditation. Some people call painting by number just a coloring book and don’t give it any importance, but for someone it becomes a way to develop important skills and inspiration for their own masterpieces. Drawing by number click has no special restrictions on age, education or physical condition. It is recommended for children from 7 years old and everyone who can hold a brush. Moreover, drawing large paintings by number is good for the mental state, and a good distraction from the daily stresses. What is included in a set of paintings by number? A painting by number set consists of all the items you need to start painting. You will only have to find free space on the table, or put an easel in your room. Also note that the canvas in the kit is fully prepared – it is stretched on a stretcher and primed, which is a must. And this is another fact to be specified when buying paintings by number. Such a canvas also brings you closer to the professionals of the creative profession, because that is what they usually paint pictures on. So, the complete set of paintings by number is as follows: white canvas on a stretcher; acrylic paints; synthetic brushes; mounts for the wall. What skills does painting by number develop? Like any style of painting, painting by numbers promotes good development of fine motor skills of the hands. At first, you may feel like you’re not comfortable holding a brush and controlling your movements, but over time, things work out. Also, painting by numbers teaches you to bring to the end of the important work that one has undertaken. Many psychologists call it a mistake that many people think this is a character trait. The ability to see things through to the end is a skill that requires practice. Consequently, even a child can practice this skill. Painting by numbers has a calming effect on some people. You don’t have to think about the composition and choose colors yourself, so you can relax and just enjoy the coloring process itself. Did the public immediately start to purchase painting by number? Painting by number did not become as popular as it is now all at once. Back in 1951, when the first painting by number was created, no one understood the meaning of it. Therefore, it took another 4 years for the company, which produced the picture was able to earn some money. And later on, some of the stars of the time began to be interested in this type of painting, which made paintings by number a coveted and fashionable product.

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