Protect Your Data with a Personal Data App

Data privacy is an essential aspect of life today that is often grossly overlooked. In what is now Industry 4.0, where computers and automation are dominating the workforce, we often grow accustomed to change without thinking about the long-term consequences. Case in point, the lack of people using a personal data app to manage their personal data shows a lack of understanding about the dangers of having unprotected personal data. 

The biggest reason for the lack of adoption of personal data apps is due to a lack of education about cybersecurity and data privacy. Many digital natives have a rough idea of the threat of cybercrime, but many in older generations are fully unaware that the data they think is safe with a company is at risk of being stolen and misused.

With education comes proactivity, and those who are proactive are likely to use a personal data app to protect themselves. If you are one of the many who has not been taught about personal data privacy, here’s your chance to get up to speed.

Data Theft is Common

Every now and then, you hear major news on a cable channel about a big data breach at some faceless company. Hundreds of thousands of users of service having their personal data compromised are commonplace these days. Yet, despite all of that, people are still comfortable giving up their data without a second thought.

The data you give to companies, and the data they collect from you as you use their service, are susceptible to theft via hacking. Hackers like to target big companies with a large customer base because they steal many people’s information. They like to use bits and pieces of information about a person and use that information for convincing identity fraud. 

Hackers can use simple pieces of information, like age, credit card information, and email address, to commit fraud in your name or access your bank accounts and rob you. It’s a sad reality, but still, one that every person needs to contend with.

Protect Your Own Data

Rather than give your data to a company that is likely under attack from hackers, it’s better to find your own solution. The best way is to take your data back and protect it yourself with a personal data app. 

Personal data apps store and protect your data and only let you access it. Consider it like a security vault that is uncrackable and that you have the only key.

Personal data apps make it easy to keep your data private and out of the hands of a big company that may get hacked. Plus, they intuitively can download and remember online forms on some of your favorite apps or websites and automatically fill them in when your need to enter your information again. 

Just like you do with your passport and social security, you want to keep your personal data secure and out of the hands of a 3rd party.

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