Why Retaking Your A Levels Is a Good Idea

The day of the result for A Level examinations can make students feel elated or dejected, depending on what marks they get. While it’s understandable to be disappointed at failure or your inability to achieve the grades you want, not all is lost. After all, it’s a relatively common occurrence. And you’ll be surprised how many cannot pass the exams the first time around and can’t take the next step in their educational journey.

While it’s possible to appeal the assessed grades or find another course through clearing, many prefer to enrol in a tutorial or sixth-form college like greenesoxford.com and retake their A Level test instead.

Benefits of retaking your A Levels

A few silly mistakes can easily drag down your grades. And one of the primary reasons why many prefer to retake their A Levels is that it presents them with the opportunity to improve their marks. Unlike having to repeat a year and redo everything or going through clearing for courses with lower requirements you met, resitting the exam prepares you for the test you weren’t able to get the desired outcome on.

In many ways, tutorial colleges are better equipped to prepare students for their exams, too, as their sessions are conducted in small groups. Some schools also offer one-on-one tutoring for those who prefer it. Furthermore, their learning environment fosters more development and growth that can prepare you to not only ace the test but also to get into and do well in your chosen university.

Should you retake the exam?

Your decision to retake will depend on various factors, such as if the reason involves extenuating circumstances, be it bereavement or sickness. On the other hand, those who had worked hard on their tests but were still unable to receive the desired marks may want to consider another course, as the subjects they struggle with may not be suited for them. There are other options available, and students have the option of taking up less demanding courses or studying a Higher National Diploma or BTEC that’s based on coursework.

When do you retake your test?

Students can only retake A Level tests during the summer, regardless of where they decide to redo the exam. This means that you’ll have a year’s worth of time to prepare before resitting the exam. This can be especially important to those who are looking to take up some work at this time. The option isn’t limited to those fresh out of school either; it’s possible for mature students to retake their A Levels also. Additionally, you can do it in a gap year and give yourself time to get a job, volunteer, or involve yourself in charities, which will look good on your CV.


While A Level retakes aren’t the only option for those who did poorly on their tests, it’s often the best approach to get their lives as students back on track and get themselves into the universities they prefer. So don’t be afraid to resit your exam.

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