New wellbeing programme launched for anyone struggling mentally, physically or emotionally due to COVID-19

Impact Mental Health’s specially-designed recovery course helps those affected by the pandemic to learn crucial wellbeing practises
Impact Mental Health – a leading Bedfordshire-based organisation for peer support – has officially announced the launch of a transformative course designed to help people to move on from the pandemic and the effects of lockdown. 
The ‘Unlock YOU’ programme is designed to support anyone who has been affected by COVID-19 – regardless of whether they are struggling physically, mentally or emotionally. 
Teaching and sharing wellbeing practises, Unlock YOU also offers people the opportunity to engage with others experiencing similar difficulties. 
Participants will build healthy self-support strategies throughout the course, learning new methods of managing any negative thoughts and feelings. 
The programme will feature a mixture of interesting and lively learning sessions involving self-support strategies with topical discussions and activities. 
There will also be a great range of self-care practices to choose from – putting participants on their own wellbeing journeys.
‘Unlock YOU’ is delivered over four days – usually one day a week – from 09.30 to 14.30 with plenty of breaks along the way. 
The schedule is as follows: 

  • Day 1 – Review & Reconnect
  • Day 2 – Building Strength & Creating Care
  • Day 3 – Breathe!
  • Day 4 – Plan for Growth

The programme is completely free to anyone living in the Central Bedfordshire and Bedford borough.
For further information, email [email protected] or call 01582 797596
About Impact Mental Health
Impact Mental Health is a peer-led community interest company providing mental health courses, training and support services all committed to sharing education and kindness. Delivering uniquely-designed programmes designed to improve mental, physical, social, professional, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, Impact Mental Health also offers guidance in areas such as stress management and recovery techniques. The company’s programmes have proven extremely beneficial for employers looking to take excellent care of their staff – with results showing increases in employee work performance, productivity, engagement and motivation.

Impact Mental Health also delivers a variety of support programmes tailored to local communities – empowering people to establish their own ongoing group peer support and develop social networking opportunities.


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