Year 6 Common Skill: Pupils should be able to make choices and present their work for a specific purpose bearing in mind the intended audience.

Sgil Cyffredin: Dylai disgyblion allu gwneud dewisiadau a chyflwyno eu gwaith at ddiben penodol, gan gofio'r gynulleidfa arfaethedig.
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An overview of the skills that pupils will develop at this stage.
Create and Communicate Information
Creu a throsglwyddo gwybodaeth

Children have the opportunity to plan, create and develop Multimedia presentations for a specific audience or purpose, making choices regarding equipment and software. They include hyperlinks within their work.
Find and Analyse Information
Darganfod a dadansoddi gwybodaeth

Children understand that a database can store information in a variety of formats. They refine more complex search techniques and plot & interpret graphs. They use a Safe Search Engine to find information. They create and investigate spreadsheets with more complex formulae.

Children learn to use a variety of media equipment effectively. They plan, refine and evaluate media projects containing captured resources, developing editing techniques to produce video presentations.

Health, Safety and Child Protection

Teachers and pupils should gain an understanding of the importance of adopting safe and legal practices when using digital communications and how to use ICT comfortably, safely and responsibly.
Year 6 Transition Project