Year 6 Common Skill: Pupils should be able to make choices and present their work for a specific purpose bearing in mind the intended audience.

SkillsCreate & Communicate Information   SkillsFind and Analyse
Consider & evaluate how ICT is used in the wider world and use this knowledge to plan their work Search for and select information from a range of ICT and non-ICT sources Plan a media project including techniques such as storyboarding
Make judgments and choices on the most appropriate software/ hardware to use for a given purpose Use a moderated, safe search engine to obtain relevant information from the Internet Choose and use appropriate ICT equipment to capture sounds, music, narration, images and/or video
Recognise the features of good page design and layout & use techniques & tools to structure their work Check searched information for relevance, plausibility and accuracy Understand that features of ICT equipment can enhance the quality of resources captured
Work collaboratively to research, plan, modify and organise information for a given audience Know how to remain safe online Use captured resources for developing a multimedia presentation
Understand that a presentation conveys meaning and refine work for an intended audience Plan, design and evaluate a data collection sheet understanding that information is stored within a database using a variety of Field types Understand that images combined with appropriate music can convey a powerful message
Plan, create and evaluate Presentations that include, text, images, sound, narration or music Produce and enter information into a database checking for accuracy Create a presentation with title, images, and sound that creates an appropriate mood & conveys meaning
Plan, design & create Electronic books or web pages containing a range of hyperlinks Construct appropriate questions and choose which search techniques to use to interrogate a database Plan & use a digital video camera and edit to combine with text, sound and music to create a story
Create and use images for a specific purpose Understand the difference between a database and a spreadsheet Add titles and transitions to the video
Begin to understand the importance of file size and type depending on purpose Investigate ready made spreadsheet models containing a complex range of formula, asking questions of the type "what would happen if?" Evaluate & refine work giving consideration to intended audience
Use ICT to communicate electronically with a range of audiences Create spreadsheets that include a variety of formula & use the spreadsheet as a live model for further investigation  
Compare & evaluate the use of ICT with traditional methods Use spreadsheet functions such as average, maximum and minimum  
  Plot a variety of graph types to illustrate specific data within the spreadsheet  
Main Menureturn to the Year 6 Menu Draw conclusions from their analysis and present their findings   Skills Documents: Word Document PDF Document