Year 6: Find and Analyse Information
Find and Analyse Information :::   Darganfod a dadansoddi gwybodaeth :::
Scheme of Work Documents Dogfennau Cynllun Gwaith
Are small bananas better value? (Word Document)  
How to use a cyberhunt (Hwb)  
Check information for mistakes (Hwb)  
Spreadsheet Resources (Primary Resources)  
Finding Areas (Excel Spreadsheet)  
Create a Graph Online  
Jaguar Cars - Maths in Motion  
Spreadsheets in the Classroom  
Interpreting Data (BBC)  
Using a database (Hwb)    
Year 6 Handling Data - TV Survey (Newham)    
Introduction to Spreadsheets 2 (Hwb)    
Textease Datafiles    

links :::
Hwb - Find and Use
Oxfordshire Learning Platform - Resource Library
Data Handling Links from Topic Box