Year 5 Common Skill: Pupils should consider layout & presentation in all aspects of ICT work.

Sgil Cyffredin: Dylai disgyblion ystyried cynllun a chyflwyniad ym mhob agwedd ar waith TGCh.
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An overview of the skills that pupils will develop at this stage.
Create and Communicate Information
Creu a throsglwyddo gwybodaeth

Children have the opportunity to develop Desktop Publishing skills including text frames, images and tables and should consider organisation and layout. They send e-mails with a variety of attachments and evaluate a number of websites with regard to layout and presentation.
Find and Analyse Information
Darganfod a dadansoddi gwybodaeth

Children select relevant imformation from a range of given sources including the Internet. They interrogate information within a database in a variety of ways using complex search techniques. Children create and investigate spreadsheets that contain a variety of formulae and cell formats. They investigate patterns using Turtle graphics using procedures & sub-procedures.

Children will use a variety of equipment to capture images, sounds & narration. They plan and produce a video that includes their resources.

Health, Safety and Child Protection

Teachers and pupils should gain an understanding of the importance of adopting safe and legal practices when using digital communications and how to use ICT comfortably, safely and responsibly.