Year 5 Common Skill: Pupils should consider layout & presentation in all aspects of ICT work.
SkillsCreate & Communicate Information   SkillsFind and Analyse Information   GenericMedia
Plan, Revise & Resave work independently Select relevant information from a range of given sources including the Internet Plan, Save, Retrieve, and Edit Work independently
Insert & manipulate images within a document considering layout and purpose Enter & check the validity of data in a database Use a digital camera/webcam to capture images required for a project
Use Higher and Lower settings & Group objects to generate the best layout for presenting text and images Interrogate a database using complex search techniques that include AND, OR, NOT, < > operators Understand that the features of a digital camera can enhance images
Create templates using Text Frames and Text Flows Plot graphs and use tables to analyse findings within a database Use a sound recording device to capture sounds or narrations
Make appropriate use of layout and text alignment tools to accurately present information Sort on more than one field Select appropriate captured images, sounds and narrations to use within a planned project
Create and amend tables Using created spreadsheets as live models to investigate "what would happen if?" Create a video or animation that includes captured & appropriate resources such as music
Use tools that enhance layout such as water-marks, borders, and appropriate effects Create Spreadsheets that include a variety of formula and cell formats, such as money and decimal places Discuss and compare film for effect on audience
Create hyperlinks Sort, order and copy formulae across a range of cells Explain choice of clips, effects and structure in resources they create
Analyse, discuss & evaluate a variety of media/texts/genres Understand that changing the data in a spreadsheet changes the graph displayed Plan & work collaboratively on a group project or task
Compare & evaluate the use of ICT with traditional methods Explore patterns using a screen turtle utilising Procedures and Sub-procedures  
Send e-mails using address book Make simple predictions about how changing one variable affects another  
Send e-mails with a variety of attachments that include documents, images or sounds   Create their own turtle environments    
Evaluate a number of websites of a similar nature with regard to layout and presentation        
Know how to remain safe online        
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