Year 4 Common Skill: Pupils should be able to Cut, Copy & Paste and begin to use Repeat functions.
SkillsCreate & Communicate Information   SkillsFind and Analyse Information   GenericMedia
Plan, create, Edit, Save & Retrieve work independently Plan, create, Edit, Save & Retrieve work independently Plan, create, Edit, Save & Retrieve work independently
Discuss different ways in which information can be communicated Know that information stored on websites may not be accurate Know that ICT can be used to develop images on screen
Create and respond to an e-mail using the address book, understanding the importance of e-mail addresses being accurate Begin to use a moderated search engine to locate information to use in their work Use the Select tool in a Graphics package to create stamps and repeat patterns
Create and respond to an e-mail using attachments Know how to remain safe online Use ‘Save as’ to keep drafts of work
Understand that different file types can be sent as attachments Know how to create a series of yes or no questions to identify objects Create patterns in a Graphics package using a variety of Tools and Effects
Use the Inbox, Sent Items, Outbox and Delete folders Develop a tree diagram to investigate a set of questions Review and Edit graphic work and discuss the ways ICT enables changes to be made
Know how to use e-mail safely Use a branching database to sort information to find answers to questions Use a digital camera effectively, becoming more aware of camera features
Use Copy, Paste and Repeat techniques in their work Develop a branching database by Adding and Removing objects and editing questions Make photographic compositions in a variety of styles
Justify Text to centre headings Understand the need for accuracy when entering data into a database Transfer images from the camera to computer
Edit and revise their work Input data into a prepared spreadsheet from surveys Evaluate and use photos to enhance their work
Use images to illustrate their work Use the Summation tool in a spreadsheet  
Edit and revise their work   Use the data to plot and interpret a variety of graphs    
Rotate, Group and overlap images on the page   Understand that spreadsheets work on patterns and relationships    
Begin to consider appropriate choice of layout and styles   Create a spreadsheet containing simple formulae and use the Fill function to replicate cells and formulae    
Main Menureturn to the Year 4 Menu   Interrogate and analyse the data and/or the effect of changing the data   Skills Documents: Word Document PDF Document
  Write about their investigation using graphs to illustrate their work