Year 4: Find and Analyse Information
Find and Analyse Information :::   Darganfod a Dadansoddi Gwybodaeth :::
Scheme of Work Documents Dogfennau Cynllun Gwaith
Spreadsheets & Databases (Primary Resources)  
Branching Database Ideas (Teaching Ideas)  
Tree Name Trail (Forestry Commission)  
Geography Decision Tree (CrickWeb)  
Kitchen Utensil Images for sorting (Word Doc)  
Branching Databases (Hwb)  
Sorting Musical Instruments (Flash Activity)  
The Orchestra (Primary Resources)  
Musical Instrument Clipart (OpenClipArt)  
Moderated Search Engines (Learn-ICT)    
National Education Network Gallery (NEN)    
DK Image Encyclopedia (Dorling Kindersley)    


links :::
Introduction to databases from SchoolsNet
Developing database skills (Simon Haughton)
Web LinkTopic Box: Data Handling Resources