Year 3 Common Skill: Pupils should be able to save & retrieve work independently.

SkillsCreate and Communicate Information   SkillsFind and Analyse
Plan their work and Save, Edit & Retrieve independently Navigate a specific website using a web browser Plan their work and Save, Edit & Retrieve independently
Insert & move images and text Begin to understand that information stored on websites may not be accurate Record sounds and play them back
Evaluate a variety of text styles Use a Favourites list set up by the teacher Locate sound files from a variety of sources to use in their work
Edit text- alter font size, colour and style Enter a URL (web address) into a browser Create and evaluate musical compositions
Able to use a bank of images set up by the teacher Search for images using a safe stock image site Manipulate sounds and evaluate the changes
Re-size images in a document Use the History function in a browser Use a digital camera to capture images
Begin to use Cut, Copy and Paste Know how to remain safe online Use captured images within other software applications
Use a spell checker Plan their work and Save, Edit & Retrieve independently Use still images to produce a simple video
Know different ways of communicating and that messages can be sent over distances Collect appropriate information using a data-capture sheet  
Send and Receive e-mails Input accurate data into a prepared Database  
Know the importance of e-mail addresses being accurate Add/remove records  
Know how to use e-mail safely   Plot and interpret a simple chart/graph    
    Interrogate the database using Simple questions    
    Sort fields in a database    
    Move a turtle around a screen using direct commands for a given purpose    
    Use Repeat commands to create a simple procedure to draw shapes    
    Understand the effects of changing variables such as length and angles    
    Save and edit procedures    
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