Year 2 Common Skill: Pupils should be able to save & retrieve work with assistance.

Sgil Cyffredin: Dylai disgyblion allu cadw ac adfer gwaith heb gymorth
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An overview of the skills that pupils will develop at this stage.

Creating and Presenting Information and Ideas
Creu a chyflwyno gwybodaeth a syniadau

Children understand the importance of saving work and can save with assistance. They edit text in simple ways changing font size and colour and are beginning to combine text and images. They create simple music compositions and use a range of tools in a graphic package.

Finding and Developing Information and Ideas
Darganfod a datblygu gwybodaeth a syniadau

Children enter data from a data collection sheet into a pre-prepared database. They carry out simple searches to answer questions and plot graphs. They make predictions and pre-plan a journey for a robotic toy. They begin to move a screen robot/turtle. They explore adventure/simulations.


Children make confident choices in their use of ICT & show independent interest in using a computer. They are able to sustain concentration and perseverance to complete tasks. They treat ICT resources with care.

Health, Safety and Child Protection

What teachers and pupils should be made aware of regarding Health, Safety and Child Protection.