Year 2 Common Skill: Pupils should be able to save & retrieve work with assistance.

SkillsCreating and Presenting
Information and Ideas
  SkillsFinding and Developing Information and Ideas   GenericGeneric
Talk about ICT in the wider world & use ICT play equipment appropriately in role play situations Save and retrieve work with assistance Demonstrate an interest in ICT
Save and Retrieve work with assistance Navigate through an adventure /simulation & make decisions to solve problems & complete a variety of tasks Demonstrate perseverance to complete tasks on the computer
Use the computer to write simple sentences including full stops and the Shift key for Capital letters Make predictions in an adventure program & understand that decisions made will make something happen Work collaboratively to solve problems and talk about their decisions
Use images to enhance text Know that CD ROMs, Computers and the Internet hold large amounts of information Talk about work and share ideas with others
Use sound to enhance text Use menus to find information from appropriate resources Demonstrate confidence in making independent choices when using ICT resources
Change the Font size, colour & style of text Complete a data capture sheet Take care of ICT equipment
Use the Enter key to position the text cursor Transfer data into a prepared database Share & work with others using ICT equipment
Add and delete words to edit text Interrogate a database using a simple search Aware of basic safety rules when using ICT equipment
Print their work Plot and interpret graphs  
Know that the computer can be used to send and receive messages Pre-plan a journey for a robotic toy  
Send an e-greeting Amend a sequence of instructions  
Create a musical composition using a sequence or pattern   Use direct commands to move a turtle or simulated robotic toy around a screen    
Evaluate musical compositions and make changes        
Use a variety of devices to record sounds.        
Present or perform their tune to others        
Combine shape tools & Flood fill in a graphic package to create patterns        
Use an increasing range of tools and effects to develop and refine pictures        
Take pictures with a digital camera        
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