Year 2: Communicating Ideas
Communicating Ideas :::   Cyfathrebu Syniadau :::
Scheme of Work Documents Dogfennau Cynllun Gwaith
E-cards (BBC) E-gardiau (BBC)
Writing Stories (NGfL Cymru) Y Lindysyn Llwglyd Iawn (Learn-ICT)
Word Tree (KentEd)  
Jack and the Beanstalk  
Writing Stories using text (LGfL)  
The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Learn-ICT)  
 Textease FileDictionary Template: Insert a Picture (Textease)  
 Textease FileDescriptive Writing Task (Textease)  
Greenwich GfL: Writing stories (Word Doc)  


links :::
Kent Grid for Learning
Oxford Grid for Learning
Greenwich Grid for Learning