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Ensure there is a varied range of ICT devices in continuous and enhanced provision that reflect children's everyday lives. Encourage children to use these toys as part of their play e.g. setting the answer phone with messages, using walkie-talkies or two way headsets for communicating in play, using defunct mobile phones and cameras, security keypads for entry, ticket machines, cash machines, bar code scanners, security cameras, digital tills, chip and pin devices and weighing machines, to name but a few. Not all of these need cost large amounts of money, use of defunct equipment can help, or work with the children to make their own, for example cardboard bar code scanners, ticket machines, cash dispensers and photocopiers etc. Be sure to teach the children the skills they will need for understanding and using these resources. Find opportunities across children’s experiences to build fine motor control so that they are able to manage and control the tools around them.

Try taking an ICT walk with children identifying ICT and related uses in the environment, such as street lights, traffic signals, automatic doors, and ticket machines. It can be quite an eye-opener and can stimulate setting-up outdoor role-play areas, such as car parks, back at the setting. Photographs can be taken on the walk and used on an IWB to aid recall and talk about the experience and also act as a stimulus for the children to make their own road signs or props for role play.

Practical activities and first-hand experience will support children's understanding and skills with using ICT tools and software. There is a vast range of resources that will help reflect the real world children live in and give them opportunities to experiment, practise and build competence in using ICT tools for themselves.

Put the computer in the role-play area and discuss its uses and purposes within different role-play settings. Support the role-play with appropriate software e.g. At the Doctors, KidDesk or Graphics package for purposeful mark making or emergent writing.

Role PlaySome suggested Role Play areas:
School Office, Garage, Shop or Post Office, Car Wash, Estate Agents, Airport Cafe or Restaurant, Train or Bus Station, Doctors Surgery, Builder’s Yard, Vets, Garden Centre, Hospital, Car Park.

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