Year 1 Common Skill: Pupils should be encouraged to develop keyboard skills.

Sgil Cyffredin: Dylid annog disgyblion i ddatblygu sgiliau bysellfwrdd
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An overview of the skills that pupils will develop at this stage.

Creating and Presenting Information and Ideas
Creu a chyflwyno gwybodaeth a syniadau

Children are developing specific keyboard skills. They use Shift, Enter and Spacebar and understand that their work can be saved. They use simple tools to create picture, patterns and music.

Finding and Developing Information and Ideas
Darganfod a datblygu gwybodaeth a syniadau

Children use a simple database to enter information and to plot simple graphs. They carry out simple searches to answer questions. They use programmable toys for purposeful activities entering step by step commands. They explore an adventure/simulation program.


Children show independent interest in using a computer. They are able to sustain concentration and perseverance to complete tasks. They treat ICT resources with care

Health, Safety and Child Protection

What teachers and pupils should be made aware of regarding Health, Safety and Child Protection.