Year 1 Common Skill: Pupils should be encouraged to develop keyboard skills.

SkillsCreating and Presenting
Information and Ideas
  SkillsFinding and Developing Information and Ideas   GenericGeneric
Talk about ICT in the wider world & use ICT play equipment appropriately in role play situations Talk about & compare a simple adventure/simulation based on fantasy or real life situations with reality Demonstrate an interest in ICT
Begin to understand that their work can be Saved, & Retrieved on a computer Explore a simple adventure program or complete tasks in a simulation Sustain concentration for an appropriate length of time when using a computer
Know that words and numbers can be displayed in a variety of sizes and give us different information Know that computers store information and begin to find information from a variety of sources Show perseverance to complete tasks on the computer
Aware that Font size and colour can be changed Use a pictogram to find information and talk about what the pictogram shows Share equipment and work with others on a task
Use the Shift key to create a capital letter Make a simple pictogram Understand that ICT equipment should be looked after and treated with care
Use the Space bar, Enter and Backspace keys Enter data into a pre-prepared database and use information stored to answer simple questions Aware of basic safety rules when working with ICT equipment
Choose words or numbers from a word bank to write sentences Make a graph and interpret the data  
Print their work Know that objects can be labelled, grouped and sorted  
Move images around the screen Understand the concept of key words to classify and sort  
Use a variety of devices to record sounds with some assistance Understand that machines and devices can be controlled  
Create a simple musical composition using a sequence or pattern on a computer Make a robotic toy move through a sequence of step by step instructions  
Use basic tools to create simple pictures and patterns   Begin to predict and test programmable toy journeys    
Can use the flood fill tool as part of their picture   Share experiences and show others basic functions of a programmable toy    
Can use the shape tool and vary the thickness of lines        

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