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Role PlayOverview:
Children are immersed in technologically rich environments, both in their homes and in the world around them. Therefore they should be encouraged to talk about ICT in the wider world and have opportunities to use ICT appropriately in their play to increase their knowledge and understanding of the world. They should be involved in planning the role play areas and making ICT play resources such as, cash point machines, parking pay stations, airport scanners, photocopiers, computers, etc.

When setting up role play areas, consideration needs to be given to the technology that would be evident in real life and ensure that ICT resources reflect relevant and current technology. In Early Years at least one of the role play areas is usually a Home corner which could include programmable machines such as washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, televisions, remote control handsets, DVD players as well as push button telephones, mobile phones, MP3 players, etc. These can be either real or made resources and adults should model appropriate use. Pupils should be encouraged to imitate what they observe and later should be observed spontaneously using the resources as a natural part of their play, showing some control in their use of tools and equipment.

As children develop and gain more knowledge of the world, the role play areas should not only reflect new situations and offer opportunities to develop and learn about a wide variety of situations but also be appropriate to their stage of development. Offices, Estate agents, Chinese restaurants, airports etc. can be created and encourage children to write and handle money as part of their play as well as introduce new vocabulary and opportunities to learn about other cultures. Role play areas should be stimulating and inviting to both boys and girls and well organised to promote autonomy and independence.

In long term role play areas the resources can be changed, developed or increased over a period of time to enhance, enrich and extend play opportunities for the children. Topics and themes will give children opportunity for specialised play experiences and can be brought to life by setting up new role play areas to support and extend children’s knowledge and understanding such as, shops, cafes, vets, doctor’s surgery, Post office, builder’s yard etc. Although there should always be role play areas indoors, consideration needs to be given to developing role play outside. The outdoor environment provides unique opportunities for role play such as, garden centres, science explorers, road traffic incidents, road works, car wash, fire station, breakdown service etc.

Whilst the indoor role play areas will be planned and constructed for longer periods of time, the very nature of outdoor provision makes it difficult to create long term role play areas. An outdoor Wendy house is a flexible resource and can be made into a variety of play situations depending on themes/topics or spontaneous interest/opportunities that may arise. Role play boxes give other flexible options. The contents should spark interest and encourage pupils to play and explore real and/or imaginary events by stimulating specific play situations. For example, a road traffic incident box could include: Road signs, traffic lights, police dressing up clothes, fluorescent jackets, walkie-talkies, note pads and pencils, measuring equipment, digital camera, incident tape, medical kit, etc.

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