Early Years Common Skill: Pupils should be encouraged to talk about ICT in the wider world and use ICT appropriately in their play

Sgil Cyffredin: Dylid annog disgyblion i drafod TGCh yn y byd ehangach a defnyddio TGCh yn briodol wrth chwarae
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Skills OverviewTrosolwg Sgiliau

An overview of the skills that pupils will develop at this stage.

Create and PresentCreating and Presenting Information and Ideas
Creu a chyflwyno gwybodaeth a syniadau

Communicating IdeasCreaing Music & SoundsCreating Pictures
Children are encouraged to talk about the use of ICT in the wider world. They begin to use simple devices to capture images and sounds. They use a computer keyboard to identify letters and numbers. They begin to use graphic and music software to create simple pictures and tunes.

Find and DevelopFinding and Developing Information and Ideas
Darganfod a datblygu gwybodaeth a syniadau

Children use a simulation program to complete simple tasks. They begin to sort and/or sequence objects. They use remote control toys and realise that all machines can be controlled


Learning OutcomesRole PlayOutdoor Play
Children can name parts of the computer and develop mouse control. They take an interest in ICT and can take turns with equipment.

Health and SafetyHealth, Safety and Child ProtectionView

What teachers and pupils should be made aware of regarding Health, Safety and Child Protection.
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