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Role PlayResources:
There are many resources available for ICT in the Outdoor Environment, this list is not exhaustive and is simply suggestions of things to consider. Remember that not everything has to be bought; making replicas of ICT equipment in everyday life such as car park ticket machines, building a car wash or constructing a house will be beneficial to increase the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Various Role play boxes can be used as a stimulus for play scenarios, Digital Still and Video cameras to be used by both staff and pupils, head cameras to record ‘journeys’ of children or fastened to Robotic Toys, Robotic Toys and Remote control vehicles, timers, torches, mobile phones, Walkie Talkies, traffic lights, builders tool set, explorers headlamp and so on.

A laptop with digital microscope can be a good way for children to examine leaves, flowers, insects etc. that they might find outdoors. A science explorer’s den can have a pretend laptop to extend play or Metal Detectors to explore the sand pit or flower pots filled with leaves to identify and find hidden metallic objects.

Sound can be explored and enjoyed by taking tape recorders, CD players and sound recording devices outdoors. Voice changers can be lots of fun and less likely to disturb others if used outside. Staff can record pupils’ comments in ‘Talking Tins’ which can also be used for classifying and labelling found objects.

Some suggested Outdoor activities:
Car wash/Car park, Train or Bus Station, Ephemeral art with Digital camera, Garage, Still/Video camera,s Road works, Sound recordings, Emergency Services, Metal detector,s Builders Yard, Robotic Toys, Scientist Hut, Garden Centre, Jungle Explorers, Treasure Hunt.

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