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Role PlayOverview (continued):
A science explorer’s den can be erected and could include real and/or made items such as: laptop, digital microscope, digital camera, video camera, sound recorder, Dictaphone, metal detectors, walkie-talkies and timers, etc. Nesting boxes with webcams can be set up outdoors for observations of birds over a period of time and weather recording equipment can be used to make simple recordings for example. Digital picture hunts can be created with pictures from a digital camera, where the children have to identify and locate outdoor items or areas by guessing what’s in the pictures to locate a special object.

Inexpensive digital cameras can be used by the children to capture experiences outdoors. The world looks quite different through the eyes of a small person and even if the picture is only showing part of an object or person, this can form part of a guessing game on the computer or IWB once back indoors. They can photograph or film (inexpensive digital video cameras are also available) their favourite part of the garden or play area and talk about their choice, photograph a toy or a friend and talk about the picture. They can be shown how to display the picture they have taken on the camera and encouraged to talk about it. Staff can also use both digital still and video cameras to capture the children’s experiences to display indoors on a computer or IWB to stimulate language development and aid recall.

Ephemeral art activities by the children undertaken outdoors with twigs, leaves, pebbles, petals etc. can be photographed as a permanent record and used in displays.

Robotic toys and Remote controlled vehicles can be used outdoors on a suitable surface. Children can chalk lines to follow over, have races, build their own obstacle course, make nests/homes for the robotic toys to return to and make shells to turn them into minibeasts or imaginary creatures etc.

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