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Outdoor PlayOverview:
Although most computer work is done indoors, there are many ways that ICT can be used outdoors as a natural part of play and discovery to develop children’s awareness of how, why, when and where different forms of technology are used in everyday life. The outdoor environment provides opportunities for role play that would be difficult to organise indoors and the extra space encourages physical development and creates additional opportunities for learning about ICT in the world around us. The outdoors provides unique opportunities for role play such as, garden centres, science or jungle explorers, road traffic incidents, road works, the car wash, fire station, breakdown service, garage, etc. (see role play document).

The very nature of outdoor provision makes it difficult to create long term role play areas, therefore role play boxes are a flexible option and can act as a stimulus for imaginative play. The contents can be varied and should be designed to spark interest and encourage pupils to play and explore real and/or imaginary events by stimulating specific play situations. For example, a road traffic incident box could include: Outdoor PlayRoad signs, traffic lights, police dressing up clothes, fluorescent jackets, walkie-talkies, notepads and pencils, measuring equipment, digital camera, incident tape, medical kit, mobile phones etc.

Recycled materials can be used to enhance these temporary role play areas and should form part of a shared activity by adults and children working together to construct the scenarios. The inner cardboard rolls from carpets make great ‘pipes’ for water from a hose to flow through, a break in the roll could simulate a burst water main and lead to a major traffic incident as the pipe gets repaired and police have to direct traffic and so on.


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