Early Years Common Skill: Pupils should be encouraged to talk about ICT in the wider world and use ICT appropriately in their play

SkillsCreating and Presenting
Information and Ideas
  SkillsFinding and Developing
Information and Ideas
Talk about ICT in the wider world & use ICT play equipment appropriately in role play situations Use a simulation program to complete simple tasks Name different parts of the computer and peripherals
Respond orally to a range of stimuli including media & ICT texts Use the mouse or IWB to move objects on screen for a purpose Develop fine motor skills using the mouse
Aware that ICT can be used to present words, text, pictures and numbers Use ICT to sort and sequence objects on a screen Demonstrate an interest in ICT
Move words, numbers, letters or pictures on screen for a selected task Aware that CD ROMs and the Internet are sources of activities & information Shows perseverance to complete tasks on the computer
Use a Paint package for Mark Making Use a simple graphing/pictogram program to develop counting and numeracy skills Share equipment and take turns
Produce a piece of emergent writing Talk about how ICT devices in “everyday” situations give us information  
Recognise single letters or numbers on a keyboard Understand that machines can be controlled  
Begin to understand that specific keys on a computer keyboard make something happen, such as Space Bar Know that a robotic toy can be controlled  
Begin to understand that text and images on a computer can be printed Direct a robotic toy to complete a simple task  
Begin to use a digital camera to capture images    
Create a simple picture, changing brush size and colour    
Begin to use simple devices to record and play sounds    
Use a sequence of pictures to create a simple musical composition    

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