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NAACE Self Review Framework: Frequently Asked Questions



Where is the SRF website address?

The SRF website can be found at:

A link to the site can also be found on the bottom of the front page of our website:

Who should be involved?

Everybody!  Schools come in all shapes and sizes and will engage with the SRF in different ways, but it will require people to drive the process. As a minimum, a member of the SMT and a member of staff with some responsibility for ICT should be working together. However, there would be benefits to widening this group, where possible, to form a group that may include some of all of the following: a governor, parent, teacher, school clerk, and associate staff. Pupil involvement would also add a valued dimension and many schools involve the school council to provide a voice on developments.

I’m a new ICT Coordinator.  How and where do I go about getting trained?

We will be including sessions on the Self-review Framework on ICT Coordinator days and we would urge you to attend those sessions.  In addition, your school currently receives SLA support each year – speak to Jan Morgan, Stephen Jones or John Mills to organise this support and they will discuss the best ways of using this time to provide the help you require.

How do I know which Adviser Teacher is our school contact?

Three members of the ICT Team will be the initial points of contact:
Primary – Jan Morgan
Cross Phase – Stephen Jones
Cross Phase - John Mills

My SMT are not very supportive.  Can you help?

Speak to the Teacher Adviser linked to your school and they will work with you to improve the understanding of the SMT.

How much evidence is expected?  Does it need documenting?

You need to be able to support your judgements when completing the SRF online tool.  For example, if asked to justify a statement you should be able to point to a policy document, set of governor minutes, training session or data set etc.  Some schools have a policy of collecting such material together, possibly to keep in a central location for management, however this is not a requirement of the SRF.

Do you need a file of evidence etc. or is the framework on-line enough if it says where the evidence is?

See answer above, but you should be using the tool to remind you where the evidence for your judgements can be found.

Will the SRF affect my Estyn inspection?

We certainly hope so.  If you have been using the online tool, you should be better equipped to make sound judgements regarding self-evaluation and ICT within your school.  This should lead to more confidence about the way forward as actions should be based on systematic and sustainable approaches.

How much does it cost to achieve the ICT Mark?

If you wish to use your curriculum allocation time to pay for the ICT Mark assessment then there is no charge other than the NAACE administration fee (currently £100). If you wish to use an external ICT Mark assessor you will need to pay the additional sum of £400 to cover their time.

Will access to the SRF tool always be free to schools?

The Self -review Framework in PDF format will remain free to schools. However, in order to continue to manage, host and develop the Framework, and the online tool, Naace will need to make a small subscription charge, around £50 per annum, to access and use the online tool. They are proposing to bring this charge in from 1 September 2012.

What happens after the ICT Mark?

Any school acquiring the ICT Mark has demonstrated a desire to use ICT innovatively and creatively. They should be continuing to look for ways of improving their use of ICT both inside school and beyond.

How do new initiatives affect ICT Mark?

They do not.  Delighted though we would be to see school achieve the ICT Mark, the important aspect is the process of engaging in self-review to better understand where your school is now how you can move it forward.

Are there time constraints to achieving ICT Mark?

Schools do NOT have to put themselves forward for the ICT Mark if they do not wish to.  As stated above it is the process of self-review we are interested in supporting.

Can you give the online tool as evidence to the inspector?

The online tool will demonstrate your efforts to engage with self-review.  You are able to give the inspection team access to your login and let them see how you have been using the tool.  Alternatively, you may extract meaningful data in the form of a spreadsheet to support actions you are taking.

How long does it take most schools to complete the SRF?

Completing the online tool can be done relatively quickly but it takes longer to consider how you can justify your judgement.

What will the ICT Mark assessor want to see?

You will have given the ICT Mark assessor access to your online tool when applying for the ICT Mark.  The assessor will come to the school prepared to interview representatives from a number of groups – SMT, teachers, associate staff, governors and last, but most importantly pupils.

How long will the visit last?


The visit generally last about 3 hours after which you will be given feedback and informed of the judgment.

How do you register multiple users

Telephone 0115 945 7234, during office hours.

Can it be completed within the year?


You can work at whatever speed you feel comfortable, but proceeding too quickly can endanger the process by things being ‘done to colleagues’ instead of through a collaborative approach.

When you save your work does it automatically give Welsh Assembly access to it or do you have to send it another way?

All your work on the SRF online tool is confidential and belongs to you.  You may grant permission to others to view it but it is your decision.

Who do we involve in this process to make it reflective, especially if it is a big school?

Major stakeholders in the school - teachers, associate staff, governors and pupils.

Do you need to achieve full marks in all categories to qualify for ICT?

You do not need to achieve the highest grade in each category but you do need to achieve the threshold level (generally a 2 but sometimes a 3) in each aspect to achieve the ICT Mark


The NAACE SRF Support Website also has an FAQ section which provides further information, especially regarding the latest changes to the running of the Self Review Framework. Link: NAACE SRF FAQ