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Provision and deployment of ICT resources

This section provides advice and guidance on managing ICT resources, from choosing and purchasing ICT school infrastructure, planning and considering the safety implications of installation and managing the technical staff who maintain those resources.

This strand is concerned with the physical environment in which ICT is used, it considers how  the use of space, layout, furniture, seating, lighting and ventilation affects learning and teaching. The strand also considers the quality and sufficiency of ICT resources, including digital learning resources. It is important to understand that there is no absolute measure on sufficiency – you will need to determine what you want to do with ICT, taking account of your curriculum plans, and then ensure you have sufficient resources to achieve this.  The emphasis is not on the environment and resources themselves, but on their impact on the quality and range of learning and teaching opportunities.   This element recognises that effective schools aspire to a learning culture which is significantly influenced by the availability of high-quality ICT resources.


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