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Assessment of ICT Capability

Assessing, recording and reporting on the use of ICT

This element has a single strand which is concerned with the way in which ICT capability is assessed.  There are two contexts for this assessment: one is the context of IT as a discrete subject and the other is the context of ICT use in other subjects.  Note that, in this strand, the assessment in both cases is of ICT capability and this should not be confused with subject assessment.  The strand also helps schools to consider whether they are making effective use of ICT to manage the assessment process. 

Pupils will make progress only if they and their teachers have a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and the standards for which they should be aiming.  Reliable assessment procedures coupled with effective dialogue are essential in this respect.  The Framework makes no assumptions about the mechanisms which teachers put in place to assess pupils’ work, nor about how assessment should be recorded.  What it does do is help define the key characteristics of effective assessment and link this to planning for improvement.


Download the full Level Descriptors for Assessment of ICT Capability