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Planning for the use of ICT

The advice in this section will help teachers to plan for the development of pupil ICT skills and knowledge, and use those skills effectively in other subjects across the curriculum.

This strand is concerned with the delivery of the planned ICT curriculum.  This may be taught as a discrete subject, taught in the context of other subjects, or a mixture of both.  This Framework does not recommend a particular approach (although where IT is taught as a discrete subject there is an assumption that IT skills will be applied subsequently in a variety of contexts across the curriculum) but is intended to enable schools to come to a judgement about whether an appropriate ICT curriculum is delivered to meet the statutory requirements of ICT capability and to provide pupils with sufficient expertise to enable them to make effective use of ICT in other areas of the curriculum.  There is an emphasis on effective planning and on consistent practices within the school which encourage pupils to demonstrate what they can do with ICT and apply their IT skills in a wide range of learning experiences.


Download the full Level Descriptors for Planning