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Leadership and Management

Developing a vision for ICT

Every school should have a vision for ICT, and for schools that are either being newly built, or undergoing a major refurbishment, this is vital. Creating a vision for a new school is far more complex than just designing a new building. There is a need to define the outcomes for learning and teaching, relationships and behaviours.

Using the whole school site and designing spaces that will promote new ways of working is only part of the process. Equally important is shaping a strategy for change to ensure that, by the time the new spaces are in place, all members of the community can take advantage of them in the ways they were intended.

An effective vision for ICT supports and enhances the school’s aims in terms of learning, teaching, management and administration. ICT enables a school to support personalisation and offer flexible 'anytime anywhere' access. It allows data to be managed efficiently, appropriately and securely. Educational outcomes, not specific technologies, must be the driver of the ICT provision


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