Welsh Apps

App Focus/Use Comments
Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat
Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat is a brilliantly entertaining children’s interactive story and activity book.
Now supports the Welsh language - Pysgodyn Teresa y Gath Drws Nesa’, rhan o’r gyfres Animoolz.
Babog Baby Babog Baby
Bábóg Baby brings you Irish, Welsh, English and Scots Gaelic speaking teddy bears to educate Nursery age children.
BB Bear has 33 words to teach your child, including 10 numbers, colours and shapes.
Cyw S4C Cyw S4C
Cyw's world is a safe and colourful bilingual environment that welcomes children and grown-ups alike to learn and have fun together.
Mae'n fyd lliwgar, dwyieithog ac yn gyfle i blant ag oedolion ddysgu a mwynhau yng nghwmni ei gilydd. 
Y Lifft Y Lifft
In ‘Y Llifft’, the aim is to reach the top floor and crack the code to escape. There are 7 challenges on the way to the top floor, testing memory, logic, skill, reaction and numbers. Can you beat the Lift?
Yn ‘Y Lifft’, y nôd yw i gyrraedd y llawr uchaf a datrys y côd i ddianc. Mae ‘na 7 tasg ar hyd y daith - tasgau côf, meddwl cyflym, sgil, ymateb a rhifau. A wnei di drechu y Lifft?
Amser Bwyd Bolgi! Amser Bwyd Bolgi!
Bolgi is a mischievous dog who likes his food! Welcome to Cyw’s world; come to listen, play and read: Amser Bwyd Bolgi.
Amser Bwyd Bolgi is a Welsh Language Storybook App.
Ci bach direidus yw Bolgi sy’n hoff iawn o’i fwyd! Dewch am dro i fyd Cyw i wrando, chwarae a darllen stori: Amser Bwyd Bolgi!
Apsgaliwn Apsgaliwn
"O ble mae llaeth yn dod?" is the first RAPSGALIWN eBook.  RAPSGALIWN is a TV character on the Welsh language service Cyw.
"O ble mae llaeth yn dod?" Dewch am dro gyda RAPSGALIWN a'i ffrindiau bach aur i'r fferm.
This is your chance to go head-to-head against the best of the Rugby world. Your challenge is to knock-out your opponent in the quickest time. Use your skill, precision and speed to out manoeuvre your opponent and push them into the gunge.
Defnyddia dy sgiliau i daro’r gelyn a’i wthio i’r Stwnsh yn yr amser cyflymaf. Clicia ar dy gymeriad i anelu, a newid cryfder y dafliad, ond bydda’n gyflym! - dim ond 10 eiliad sydd gyda ti i chwarae pob ergyd.
Dr Barnacles and the Bogey Blues Dr Barnacles and the Bogey Blues
Bogey Blues follows an unfortunate sick dragon who asks Dr Barnacles for help. Laugh along with Dr Barnacles and spots as they dodge fire and snot to administer the doctors Bogey Busters.
Find well over 100 sounds that will rouse roars of laughter and squeals of delight. Ideal for readers and non-readers ages 2-10, they will be able to follow the interactive finger story and voice story. Enjoy Dr Barnacles in English and Welsh.
Welsh Verbs Welsh Verbs
This highly stimulating "Award Winning" memory App will show you how to learn Welsh verbs and their "key" conjugations 7 times faster than any other traditional method.
With full pronounciation from a native Welsh speaker this App is perfectly suited for students of all levels.
Cwrs Sylfaen - Welsh Foundation Level Cwrs Sylfaen - Welsh Foundation Level
The Cwrs Sylfaen App helps you achieve foundation level Welsh, based on the popular CBAC/WJEC course for adult Welsh learners. 
This material has been augmented with audio exercises to get you thinking in Welsh, and short dialogues where you can take one of the parts, and practise having a real conversation.
Cwrs Mynediad - Welsh for Beginners Cwrs Mynediad - Welsh for Beginners
Learn to speak Welsh with Cwrs Mynediad, the standard course for adults beginning to learn Welsh. 
When you buy this App you will be able to access material from the first ten units, including audio so you can hear the words and phrases introduced in each unit. Two add-on packs of units 11-20 and 21-30 can be bought from within the App when you are ready to progress to these units. 
Ap Geiriaduron Ap Geiriaduron
Ap Geiriaduron is as an English-Welsh/Welsh-English dictionary application which gives you offline access to thousands of words from multiple dictionaries, including Cysgair and 'Y Termiadur Addysg'.
Mae Ap Geiriaduron yn eiriadur Saesneg-Cymraeg/Cymraeg Saesneg sy'n caniatáu i chi chwilio all-lein am filoedd o eiriau Cymraeg a Saesneg trwy nifer o ffynonellau, gan gynnwys CysGair ac 'Y Termiadur Addysg'