Sport and P.E. Apps

App Focus/Use Comments
CoachPad CoachPad
CoachPad allows you to sketch out and display formations and tactics all using your iPad in a simple and intuitive way.
Contains full and half field templates for basketball, baseball, football, soccer, rugby, volleyball, tennis, ice hockey, field hockey, Lacrosse (Men's and Women's), netball and even a blank whiteboard for any purpose.
CoachNote Lite Football & rugby CoachNote Lite Football & rugby
With this simple yet incredibly versatile app, you can create, save and share complex sports tactics that translate effortlessly into real-life sports plays.
With CoachNote you can record save and share your plays into a playable video for players, teammates and friends.
The PE Geek The PE Geek
The PE Geek app is the one stop shop for teachers interested in utilising emerging technologies within Physical Education.
Requires an internet connection via wi-fi as there are links to Social Media sources, more Apps and iBooks.
DK The Human Body App DK The Human Body App
The wonders of human anatomy are explored and explained in a way that offers hours of learning, fun and entertainment.
Has functions you can feel – grab your iPad and feel the lungs breath, the heart beat and the nerve impulses race.
Fitness Tests for PE Teachers and Coaches Fitness Tests for PE Teachers and Coaches
The app allows for swift reference of over 30 fitness tests from aerobic capacity, through to flexibility.
Upon selecting your test you will be provided with the aim, equipment, procedure and the norm standards so that you can easily and accurately complete the tests you desire.
Easy Assessment - Formative Assessment Tool Easy Assessment - Formative Assessment Tool
Easy Assessment is the app teachers, trainers and coaches have been waiting for. A simple way to capture and assess performance in any context or situation.
With one step, add a video or image note to each student showcasing the item/skill/behaviour that you are assessing them on.
PE Apps PE Apps
PE Apps is your one stop shop for PE Teachers. A simple pocket reference guide for the latest apps useful for the PE/Sport/Coaching/Training.
Simply select the category of app you are after to discover multiple classroom tested options. Requires a wi-fi connection.