Recording and Assessment Apps

App Focus/Use Comments Age
Book Creator for iPad Book Creator for iPad
Creating their own books/stories. Using it as a recording tool to show progression. Making talking books for the children.
Excellent App for a range of purposes. Very easy to use so the children can be independent, even at a young age or with disabilities. Can import photographs or pictures, so can be used for sequencing a trip or instruction writing. Foundation Phase & KS2
My Story - Book Maker for Kids My Story - Book Maker for Kids
Good for younger children to create books/stories. Can create talking books.
Can draw pictures, add text and photographs and has a voice recording facility. Very easy to use, so ideal for younger children. Foundation Phase
Creative Book Builder Creative Book Builder
Creating their own books/stories including chapters, paragraphs and tables. Make talking books for the children.
Can include photographs, audio recording and video clips. Very good for KS2 Good for creating books on topic work that include visual and audio learning for the children. Key Stage 2
Moxier Collage Moxier Collage
Sequencing Ordering events/ideas Planning report/instruction writing Making posters Different way of recording learning.
Good for children that need a visual reminder for ordering/sequencing events. Individual visual timetables Year 2 to Year 6
Simple Mind+ Simple Mind+
Mind maps
Word/vocabulary maps
Topic webs
Easy to use. Can change colours Year 2 to Year 6
Puppet Pals HD Puppet Pals HD
Role play
Alternative way of recording
Creative play
Animation Creating stories
Develops creative thinking Good for developing other people's perspectives and thinking. Can record their own voices, so they can hear intonation, etc. Foundation Phase to Year 6
Popplet Popplet
Mind maps
Ordering events
Word webs
Can import pictures/ photographs. Able to take photos and they instantly import. Good for using on trips with children that have difficulty remembering the order of the events. Photos can be instantly put in order throughout the day. Foundation Phase to Year 6
QR Reader for iPhone QR Reader for iPhone
Letter/word/number hunts. Information gathering. Descriptions for objects/areas.
A fun way for children to explore and find out information using mobile devices. Children enjoy being explorers and love going on hunts around the classroom or outdoors. Foundation Phase to Year 6
Skitch for iPad Skitch for iPad
Annotating their learning, maps, photos, pictures and screenshots.
Useful for describing pictures/events. Map work. Text marking. Year 2 to Year 6

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