Multisensory Apps

App Focus/Use Comments Age
Doodle Buddy Doodle Buddy
Practicing spelling words, letter formation and drawing pictures to illustrate words to consolidate the meaning. Develops fine motor skills. Creating art.
Easy and fun to use. Can change background colour and pictures. Can change text colour. Can import photographs. Can then be used in jigsaw puzzle to make a jigsaw of the word (developing the order of letters within the word). Foundation Phase & KS2
Glitter Draw Glitter Draw
Practising spelling words and letter formation. Develops fine motor skills.
Good for engagement and motivation, especially with girls and younger children. Can import photographs. Foundation Phase & KS2
Scribblify Scribblify
Practising spelling words and letter formation. Develops fine motor skills
Good for engagement and motivation. Can import photographs and choose background colour. Foundation Phase & KS2
Mow It Mow It
Practising spelling words, phonics and letter formation. Fine motor skills.
Even though a simple app, the children love it. You can choose two different types of lawn mower or a strimmer (with sound effects). As it is so popular with all children, older children with ALN feel more included. Foundation Phase & KS2
Magnetic Letters Magnetic Letters
Spelling and reading words. Alphabet Lower and upper case letters. Fine motor skills.
Exactly like magnetic letters. They can be dragged up to make words, etc. Need to buy the full version to include upper/lower case letters and numbers. Foundation Phase
Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad
Great for making jigsaws out of pictures drawn on a creative app, photographs or words written on Doodle buddy (or equivalent).
Good for targeting a range of areas additional learning needs e.g. order of letters within words, fine motor skills, sequencing, spatial skills, topic work, etc. Foundation Phase & KS2

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