Developing Memory Skills Apps

App Focus/Use Comments Age
Simon Says Simon Says
Visual memory skills, sequencing skills
Different levels and speed. Year 2 to Year 6
Simon Says – Classic All in One Simon Says – Classic All in One
Visual memory skills, Sequencing skills, Listening skills, Vocabulary building.
Full version includes numbers, letters (name of letter given), colours, names of colours, shapes, animals, vehicles and musical instruments. Can choose the name of an object or the sound that it makes. Early Years & Foundation Phase
Dylsexia Quest Dyslexia Quest
Develops memory skills that link with the Aston Index and other screening tests. Focuses on auditory/visual memory, processing speed and visual discrimination.
Fun, interactive and the children love it. Good characters and the children can collect different yeti cards as they work their way up the mountain. It would be better named 'Yeti Mountain' as it's good for all children. Also, only has the ability for one user, so you can't save a child's data (but you can take a screen shot of the results). 6 - Adult

Different age ranges

Download the SEN/ALN booklet by Emma Allan, Casllwchwr Primary School