More Able and Talented Apps

Most applications can be used for a range of ability levels. They allow children to create and work at their own level. An example of this would be the apps that allow you to create books and record in alternative ways (differentiation by outcome). The children can create work to their ability level, e.g. Creative Book Builder allows children to be creative and Explain Everything and Show Me allows the children to create tutorials/instructions for others, or they can demonstrate how they have worked out a particular problem.

App Focus/Use Comments Age
iMovie iMovie
Creating movies, trailers and blockbusters.
Children can produce fantastic films using the templates provided. Key Stage 2
Maths Martians Maths Martians
There are four different apps, each focusing on addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Consolidates number operations.
You need to help Spaceman Sam to get home. He needs the bubbles to refuel his rocket. Develops confidence in a fun way. Quite a fast game, so not much thinking time. Maybe good for more able and talented. Year 1 & 2

Key Stage 2
Jungle Fractions Jungle Fractions
Fractions: name, compare, add, multiply, convert and improper.
Multi user Tracks pupil progress Shows a history of difficulties the child has had. Multi-lingual – English, French and Spanish Different problems provided each time. Multiple levels. Key Stage 2

Download the SEN/ALN booklet by Emma Allan, Casllwchwr Primary School