Welsh Apps

Any of the Apps that enable you to use voice recording can be used for learning through the medium of Welsh. Also the section with alternative ways of recording may be useful.

App Focus/Use Comments Age
View in iTunes Spellosaur
Individualized spelling. Personal spelling lists can be entered for each child to practise their spelling words. There are four different ways of learning each spelling word and then they can take a test to check their learning.
Highly rated by the children. The different ways of learning are effective. Multiple users – so a whole class could be entered on to it with their individual words or sets of words could be entered. Older children like it, but it depends on the child. It could be too young for some children. Reception to Year 6
Spelling Notebook Free
Individualised spelling. Personal spelling lists can be entered for each child to practise their spelling words.
Can record the word and a sentence to go with it. No animations, so children may get bored. Good for older children Key Stage 2
ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard
Great for repeating instructions and explanations. Showing 'workings out'.
Instructions and explanations can be recorded so that a child can see and hear how to do an activity. The child can then just press the play button to listen to the instruction as many times as they wish. Children can also show and explain how they worked something out e.g. a maths sum/problem. Foundation Phase & KS2
S4C Cyw S4C Cyw
Welsh stories that can be listened to. Fun games and puzzles. Create music compositions. Listen to songs.
It is bilingual, colourful and keeps children engaged. Not all the games are welsh related. Foundation Phase
Amser Bwyd Bolgi! Amser Bwyd Bolgi!
Listen to or read interactive welsh stories. Children can play games and activities throughout the book.
Interactive pictures Can colour the pictures and take a photo of their colouring. Foundation Phase
RAPSGALIWN - Raplyfr 2 RAPSGALIWN - Raplyfr 2
Welsh story.
If full version is bought then the children can access puzzles and colouring activities. Pictures are interactive. No voice over at present. There's no link to go to the front page - you have to flick through the pages. Year 1 to Year 4

Download the SEN/ALN booklet by Emma Allan, Casllwchwr Primary School