History Apps

App Focus/Use Comments
World War II Interactive World War II Interactive
A comprehensive app on World War II made specifically for the iPad containing over 600 photographs and 35 videos.
Contains 8 timelines covering events during 1918-1935 and for every month of the war from 1939-1945.
History: Maps of World History: Maps of World
A collection of of high resolution historical maps of the world. Maps can be zoomed in/out using pinch or double-tap.
Includes a keyword search feature and doesn't need a network connection to function once installed.
The Great War 100 The Great War 100
An app dedicated to telling the story of the First World War through infographics (pictures and data).
Updates containing more infographics will be free.
Britannica Kids – Ancient Rome Britannica Kids – Ancient Rome
Explore Ancient Rome and Roman Gods through a wealth of amazing images, videos and informative articles.
Contains maps, jigsaw puzzles, memory games and knowledge tests.
Black HistoryPad Black HistoryPad
The initial product covers 100 people in Black History. The Black HistoryPad provides an image and biography of each of the 100 people covered.
Be aware that this is a USA based product so omits other significant people from other countries.
Streetmuseum: Londinium Streetmuseum: Londinium
Historical view of London superimposed on a modern map making links between Roman London and the city today.
Longer than expected loading times on older iPads!
Battle of Britain - Churchill's Few Battle of Britain - Churchill's Few
This app contains detailed information on the Royal Air Force Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain, its Commander, Aircraft and Squadrons.
The application also provides information on the key German Luftwaffe commanders and the planes used by the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain.