Art and Drawing Apps

App Focus/Use Comments
Brushes Brushes
Using a basic toolbar at the bottom of the screen, you can select a colour wheel or picker, work with layers and switch between brushes.
A useful feature is the ability to record each brush stroke enabling the user to play back exactly how each piece of art was created.
ArtRage ArtRage
A wide variety of canvas presets and paper options plus a range of brushes, pencils, crayons and rollers. Also features a dedicated watercolour brush.
In a quest for a realistic art experience you can paint directly onto the screen or apply a blob of paint with one tool and smear it around with another.
Drawing Box Drawing Box
A most suitable app to learn drawing and painting on the iPad. Can be used to create anything from a quick sketch to a detailed study.
Paintings can be exported to the photo library with a transparent background. Useful when using created images in other apps.
Doodle Buddy Doodle Buddy
Fun doodlng app which is easy to use and develops fine motor skills.
Can change background and foreground colours as well as text. Pictures can also be imported from the camera roll.
iDraw iDraw
This is a high quality app capable of producing professional artwork, illustrations and line drawings.
Drawings can be exported as vector based PDF and SVG files for use in other applications.
neu.Draw neu.Draw
A well featured drawing app which also allows freehand artwork along with some basic shapes.
Illustrations can be exported in SVG format for use in other applications.
Inkpad Inkpad
Vector drawing app from the makers of Brushes. Professional level of tools rivalling the fuctionality of a full blown desktop application.
Can import SVG files, images and fonts and edit photos taken with the iPad camera.
SketchBook Pro SketchBook Pro
High quality vector drawing and painting app. Has a multi-touch interface and supports layers and blending modes.
Images can be exported as a layered file suitable for opening in PhotoShop. The user interface can be customised for double-tapping.