Physics Links

Primary Physics Resources
Resources for 7 - 9 year olds from the National STEM Centre.

Einstein's Big Idea
The story behind the world's most famous equation, E=MC2.

The Big Bang
How did the Big Bang give birth to our universe? Find out in the world's largest physics experiment.

Energy Chest
Join Joules the Robot for a treasure trove of information and activities to support energy studies in schools.

Our aim is to inspire people of all ages about physics. Let us be your guide and show you the best physics places on the web.

Interactive activities that make saving energy fun.

GCSE Bitesize - Physics
Revision exercises from the BBC.

Electricity Teaching Resources
A collection of weblinks to resources and interactive materials on electricity and circuits. Also contains an extensive menu on other science topics. Physics
The best new content, relevant links, how-to's and answers to just about any question by experts in their field.

The Atoms Family
A fun and informative site where ghoulish characters introduce basic principles of physics including kinetic and potential energy, atoms, matter, light and energy.

BBC Science
From the Kowledge and Learning Beta site.

BBC Schools: Primary Science
A range of rescources and materials in English and Welsh to support the science curriculum.

Design a Planet
Use this interactive animation to design your own planet.

Windows to the Universe
A fun and different Web site about the Earth and Space sciences.

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