Chemistry Links

Definitive periodic table with all the bells and whistles! Does not use Flash so can be used on all tablet devices.

Chemistry for Life
Visit the virtual gallery, conduct online experiments and view films on the fascinating world of chemistry.

An introduction to the science of chemistry featuring matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table and more.

GCSE Bitesize - Chemistry
Revision exercises from the BBC.

Discover Elements
Elements are the ingredients of everything around us. Discover what they are, how they behave and how they are being used to solve some of the biggest issues in the world today.

The Human Torch
Learn about chemical reactions and safety by solving the grisly mystery of how a victim burned to death. Chemistry
The best new content, relevant links, how-to's and answers to just about any question by experts in their field.

Periodic Table on the Web
Explore key information about the chemical elements through this periodic table.

Chemistry Hypermedia
Online resources for students, educators, and scientists.

USGS: Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry
This US Geological Survey site shows how chemists and geologists use analytical chemistry to determine the age of the Earth, show that an extraterrestrial body collided with the Earth, predict volcanic eruptions, observe atmospheric change over millions of years and document damage by acid rain and pollution of the Earth's surface.

Practical Chemistry
A comprehensive website full of experiments and demonstrations to use in your teaching.

Professor ChemiCroc is here to help you with your science schoolwork.

Chemistry in Primary Science
This collection of resources, produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry, aims to support primary teachers by extending their subject knowledge and providing ideas for practical demonstrations of concepts and activities linked to the curriculum.

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