Music Links

The Petrucci Music Library
The International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) cointains over 43,500 works and 112,500 scores from over 6,000 composers!

Learn how to play guitar chords with this interactive site. Play along with backing tracks and you can even tune your guitar too!

Free Sheet Music
Free sheet music for most instruments and ensembles. Downloadable as PDF and MIDI files.

GCSE Bitesize Music
Music topics and web links to help you pass GCSE Music.

Musical Instruments of the World
Presents musical instruments of the world through photographs, sound samples and text.

The Blues
A multimedia celebration that raises awareness of the Blues and its contribution to American culture and music worldwide.

Relive some of the social and cultural events that impacted the music, the musicians and jazz followers from the 1800s to the 1960s.

Music Theory
What are ties and dots and how in the world do these relate to music? Find out at this great site.

Music Kit
Music resources and activities to encourage the ability to read, write and make music.

Music at School
Plenty of resources, including worksheets, quizzes and online lessons for secondary music study.

Trumpeter's Fanfare
The premier source for trumpet players, providing all the information an emerging trumpet player needs to get off the ground.

Classic Motown
A stunning timeline on the history of Motown - the ambitions of one man, the dreams of a generation, the soul of a nation, the sound of young America. Classical Music
Comprehensive coverage of classical music - articles on the different periods, the composers, instruments, performers and much, much more.

So This is Opera
A unique, multi-faceted programme to introduce young audiences to the world of opera.

An Introduction to Classical Music
Easily accessible first step into the world of classical music covering composers, history, instruments and much more.
Comprehensive information on guitars and performers with online lessons and a searchable tab section of your favourite songs.

The Piano Player
The game where you read music. For each note shown, click on the correct key of the virtual piano.

The Mozart Project
The life, times and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Sibelius Academy
A huge list of music links on the WWW.

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