German Links

Hennings Haus
Go to Hennings Haus to play some great games which will help improve your knowledge of German.

Deutsch Plus
A series of multimedia activities based on the BBC series. Watch and listen to the clips to improve and test your understanding of the German language.

Deutsch Lernen
From Germany's international network, including slow news with transcripts. German Language
Comprehensive coverage of the German language, from grammar and pronounciation to translation and homework help.

German and world current affairs - in German.

German for Travellers
Deutsche online with over 2000 audio files.

Die Welt
Today's newspaper in German.

GCSE Bitesize - German
German revision exercises from the BBC.

Learn German is the largest website for learning multiple languages on the Internet.

German Video Resources
Choose a topic to view a video to test your knowledge of German grammar and vocabulary.

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